Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What is non-human-being-illumination? Why is it so special when human-being-illumination happens as well?

It being abundantly-loaded term and I being ‘nonmath’ software architect, it’s a vice of commission and omission from my side to claim to coin the term non-human-being-illumination (if not coined yet).

However, let me start by stating a word of etymological caution that the term ‘being’ here has got no epistemological connotation. The word ‘being’ simply means animalia and non-human-being means animal in its normal sense (exclusive of mankind). Now, by the term non-human-being-illumination, I mean the phenomenon/process where/by which the non-human-beings acquire intelligence quotient at least as equal as humans in ancient history.

Is this phenomenon real? To be frank, I haven’t done any reading or research to substantiate it. What makes me believe it is my school biology and mere observations (may be along with some poor reasoning). Being an evolutionist, I’m bound to think that the so-called intelligent human beings are originated from apes in animal kingdom. Therefore, if man becomes more intelligent, so are the animals. In case you are a creationist, we need to debate separately. Moreover, I don’t really want to get into the metamorphoses of human and animal souls or minds, as it defeats our purpose. Nevertheless I must say one thing: if there is a soul or mind in us, it’s in our brain, not in our heart or anywhere else. The fact is that animals are becoming more and more intelligent. I’d seen crow nest built of iron bars and threads (I didn’t mean they melt the metal out of its ore, but they learned how to bend and arrange them). Conversely, they have got their own innate limitation to break the cell. But they do here and there without our notice (or may be with our negligence). As a matter of fact, I can list out a numerous observations to illustrate the theory of animal illuminists. The evident sign of non-human-being-illumination is that the animals started breaking their patterns. The main difference between human and non-human beings, for me, was free thinking. Man was able to break the patterns created by ancestors. I feel (not fear) that animals started showing the signs. I can, therefore, safely reason out that it’s quite becoming phenomenon.

Can these signs point us to a complete illumination? To be precise, I have no reason to agree or disagree. If my memory is right, the mother earth is livable just for some (~ 5 to 20) billion years (referring to scientific calculation, not religiously predicted apocalyptic events). I can’t foresee with current knowledge, if complete non-human-being-illumination is possible in this short period. Even if it’s achieved, I fear human intelligence quotient will be way above to recognize or appreciate the non-human-being-illumination.

Okay, albeit it’s completely realized, what difference does it make? Believe me, it’s a lot, good or bad! First one that comes to my mind is that there would be no tamed animals in our houses (if we have one at that time). It might not be required then, as humans would be living on capsules and sheltering in space. When the animal illuminists break the pattern (like humans), that could be called unnatural. Is it not scary? But I’m horrified by another thought. If a single species called human being can bring such changes (good and bad) to the world, what could thousands of species put forth? No wonder, it’s the end of the world!

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