Tuesday, June 17, 2003

With a lot of love…

Dear Floppy,

Hope you are keeping your system well. However, my hardware is ok. But dear daughter, if software is not healthy, what is the use? Your brother is suffering from rat-fever (plague), having played with mouse every time. Moreover, he is always with female with e-mail. And your sister’s downloading was a difficult one, though the operating system was successful. Anyway we got a boy of 2.5 kilobytes. When the doctor logged in, he found his CPU has a head-crash. Hence, they are still in the hospital to get him cut and pasted. And it’s said that only in the long run we may get him edited. Your father is always in the bandwidth that his hardware fused. And speaking of myself, I had a truncation in my storage. Whatever I input gets deleted. Doctor told me it was due to an attack of virus launched through network. I took antivirus program and somehow I’m fine now. Oh! Did I bore you telling all the problems in our LAN?

What about your desktop? Try to have a star topology with your hostel-mates. Are you doing your program cycle well? Your college will send your credit card to my location. Please do well. And also don’t give your hearty diskette to any boys, for we don’t know which driver is crashed one. See my dear, when I had been in that MAN, many boys had sent emails to me. For god’s sake, I had never opened any files. So keep all your terminals safe. In the booting stage, you may not understand its meaning. We have to look after our own systems. I had there are mouse fry, CD roast, virus soup, MS dosa, internet coffee in the newly opened canteen. Please don’t input anything available there. Hope you clicked all I programmed. Dear, it’s good to have a password of God. And there have a location for me too. Again please have an antivirus system and be in AC every now and then. Before selecting the close menu, I wish you a successful programming. With all these, I shutdown.

Yours loving @


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